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Sweet Sauces - The Elegant Finish To Your Dessert

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Cake with fruit sauce

When it comes to sweet sauces, it's much easier to achieve the perfect taste, appearance and aroma than the complex and savory sauces. Sweet sauces are also much more popular. There is not one person who has tried them and turned away from them. So do not be afraid that you will have the unpleasant situation of planning out a wonderful-looking dessert and the most remarkable part of it - the sauce, will be greeted with a wave of the hand and a shake of the head and eventually stay in its plate or cup.

The many benefits of sweet sauces

Store bought sauces (custard, chocolate sauce in a bottle, fruit sauces) generally have too much added sugar. One of the advantages of homemade sauces is that you can sweeten them yourself or use an artificial sweetener if you like.

Most sweet sauces, with the exception of custard, can be frozen, so you can fill the freezer with plastic containers of fruit puree, chocolate sauces and syrups and turn the store-bought ice cream or yesterday's sponge cake into something exceptional. Because they are rich in sugar, sweet creams do not freeze completely and defrost relatively easily.

Chocolate sauces

Chocolate sauces range from the relatively cheap ones, made with cocoa and light honey to the extremely expensive ones, which include expensive chocolate and real brandy. Both types are very tasty, and their varieties are wonderful.

Caramel in a sweet sauce

Egg sauces

The classic English cream is one of the real English sauces that are admired all over the world. And for a good reason. Velvety smooth, rich and with a slight vanilla aroma, it is very tasty. But also very difficult to achieve. First of all, you need patience. If you try to speed up the slow heating and thickening, the sauce will definitely lump up.

It takes 20 minutes for the English cream to mix perfectly, which is why the semi-finished product is so popular.

And although the homemade cream is unique, some of the master chefs allow themselves to use some tricks. Some use a semi-finished product and add a little orange peel or a fresh vanilla pod to add to the milk, in order to give it some flavor. Others add cream or cherry liquor. But the most used trick in large restaurants is to make a classic egg custard, but with the addition of cornstarch to the milk. This way the sauce thickens without there being a risk of it to lump up.

Fruit sauces

Fruit sauces are very different - some look like liquid purees, traditionally served with baked and steamed puddings, others are exotic, fresh and spicy modern sauces that give color and an interesting look to desserts. The fruit can be fresh - raw or cooked, can be dried or in the form of jam.

If you're making the sauce in advance, sweeten the fruit with powdered sugar, boil them and puree them. Keep the puree in the refrigerator or freezer. Raw soft fruit can be pureed or rubbed through a strainer to make a delicious quick sauce. Sweeten raw sauces with powdered sugar.

Mango sauce

Peel the mango, cut out the edible part and puree it. Add the as much of the sifted powdered sugar as you like.

Cardinal Sauce

Puree ripe raspberries and sweeten them with powdered sugar.

Blackcurrant sauce

Boil the blackcurrants with sugar. Rub them through a strainer with a rounded ladle. Boil the fruit until they turn into a syrup.