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How to Make Gratin - A Guide for Beginners

Potato Gratin with Beshamel Sauce

Potato gratin is a dish of exquisite French cuisine with a very old history. The famous dish with a red appetizing crust dates back to the twelfth century, when it was served as a standalone dish or as a side dish. When it is properly cooked, it has a fine texture and a light taste. Its golden crust is due to the masterfully toasted topping.

Originally, potato gratin was made from boiled potatoes, but later all kinds of vegetables and other ingredients began to be used, so today this name means any oven-baked dish covered with cheese, milk, cream or breadcrumbs and pieces of butter. The fireproof cookware for the dish, called gratin, are round or oval in shape.

What should be noted for potato gratin is that the gratin effect, or its delicious crust, can also be obtained from Béchamel sauce in different variations. It is important that the temperature is properly selected, so that you can sense the crust with taste buds. The ideal color of the crust is golden.

From what products can we make potato gratin today?

Most often, gratin is made from vegetables, meat, fish and seafood. The added cream or milk in the sauce adds the taste that distinguishes the dish and the cheese keeps it from becoming too dry. To make the vegetable gratin juicy, it is lined up in rows, each of which is covered with sauce.

Pasta is also a very suitable base for gratin and the additives are according to your taste. Béchamel sauce, tomatoes, butter are usually present regularly in this delicious dish with pasta.

The recipe for a novice cook must be as simple as possible for the experiment to be successful. The classic recipe for potato gratin is the most suitable.

Necessary products:

2.2 lb (1 kg) of potatoes

1.8 oz (50 g) butter

10.5 oz (300 g) of white cheese

2 cups of milk

4 eggs

salt - by taste

Preparation: The washed potatoes are boiled with their skin. Once they have cooled, remove the skin and cut them into circles.

In a well greased baking pan, arrange a row of potatoes and crumble the white cheese on top. Arrange a new row of potato slices and then white cheese until you run out of it.

Pour the beaten eggs, milk and salt mixture over the potatoes with the crumbled white cheese on top. The butter is cut into pieces and arranged on them.

The dish is baked in a preheated oven at

200 degrees

for about half an hour.



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