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Lets Make Cocktail Cherries

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Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

Cocktail cherries are used to decorate various types of cocktails, as well as to decorate pastries and cakes.

Cocktail cherries, also known as maraschino cherries, are complicated to make when made in a factory. The fruit are soaked in a special solution with various chemicals to make them thicker and have a slight transparency.

After long days of treatment with various chemicals, the fruit are soaked in a sugar syrup with the aroma of almonds and colored in deep red or green with food coloring.

Cocktail cherries can be easily prepared at home. Ingredients:450 grams of cherries, 3 cups (700 milliliters) of Maraschino liqueur or another clear liqueur and as much sugar as you like.

Cocktail cherry in a cocktail

Maraschino liqueur is the most suitable for making cocktail cherries because it is made from maraschino cherries, which are crushed together with the cherry pits, which gives the liqueur an almond flavor. For the preparation of cocktail cherries you will need glass jars with airtight closure.

The jars are filled with washed and pitted cherries. Instead of cherries you can also use morello cherries, it becomes very tasty. Drizzle the fruit with liqueur so that it fills the jar almost to the top. Add sugar or sugar syrup made from sugar and water, which is boiled until the liquid thickens slightly and then it is cooled.

Leave the jars in a cool place for 2 to 4 weeks. The homemade cocktail cherries are stored in the refrigerator for about 4 months.

You can make cocktail cherries in another way. Necessary products: 1.3 lb (600 grams) of cherries, 4 tbsp of water, 4.2 oz (120 grams) of sugar, 2 tablespoons of maraschino liqueur or brandy. In the absence of liqueur, it is replaced by vodka.

The cherries are washed and dried and then they are pitted. The water is boiled with the sugar and they are boiled until a syrup is obtained, by stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves. The syrup is then left to cool.

The cherries are arranged in jars. The liqueur and syrup are mixed and the fruit is poured over this mixture. Close with airtight caps and leave them in a dark and cool place. After three months, the cherries are ready for consumption.