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How to Blanch Potatoes?

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Blanched Potatoes

Blanching means rapid boiling of the food product, as a result of which it changes its color and it most turns lighter in color.

Blanching should not continue for more than 1-2 minutes from the start of the second time that you boil the water and the earlier the water boils after immersing the products, the better. If they are left longer, the products are cooked through.

All vegetables, except tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, are blanched before freezing. Blanching the tissues of fruits and vegetables partially removes air, including oxygen, which helps preserve vitamins when frozen.

The taste of some vegetables after blanching improves - such as potatoes. But blanching leads to some loss of vitamin C, sugars, acids and other soluble substances.

Raw potatoes before blanching

Losses increase depending on the duration of the process. In order to minimize the loss of nutrients, it is recommended to cool the products, after removing them from the water, in order to interrupt the cooking process.

The potatoes should be cooled with cold water at a temperature not exceeding 10°C. For this purpose, the products are removed from the boiling water and placed in a container with cold water and ice.

Blanch the potatoes for 5 to 8 minutes. Their heat treatment is best done at a water temperature of no more than 95°C, thanks to which most of the vitamins and trace elements remain intact.

With this process, the potatoes turn lighter in color and acquire a better taste. Pre-treatment allows them to fry faster and acquire the desired crispy skin.

After blanching the potatoes, lightly fry them in butter. If you want to store them for a long time, once they have cooled down, after they are taken out of the water, they are packed and frozen.

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