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When is Drinking Water Not that Healthy?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
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You constantly hear everyone telling you to drink more water, how good it is for the body, how you should not allow your body to become dehydrated, etc. And this is quite true. It is recommended, that the daily water consumption does not fall below a liter. The point is that there are situations in which you have to suppress thirst for a moment. Here are the times when you shouldn't drink water:

1. After eating something spicy - instinctively a person reaches for a glass of cold water when they eat something that's too spicy. Water will not help you in this case and will even make the feeling even stronger. When you eat spicy food, you get rid of the spicy taste with a bite of bread or a sip of milk.

2. Just before bedtime - water is not recommended then, because it will make you go to the toilet at night. This will deprive you of quality sleep and your kidneys of rest.

3. While training - you will probably get tired, especially if you are a beginner, but you should leave the bottle aside. Water is drunk after the workout, not during it.


4. While eating - it is good to drink a glass of water before meals to reduce some of your appetite and quench your thirst. If you reach for the glass while eating, that will cause excessive bloating and digestive disorders.

5. If the urine is too pale - if you notice that it is, then you are drinking too much water and this makes the processes of the kidneys meaningless, so you need to reduce its consumption. To be safe and calm, you can consult your doctor.

6. When you do not know what you are drinking - you might be on vacation, surrounded by nature, in the mountains or in an ancient city. In the first two cases, tourists often find clear streams with seemingly clear water. That may be the case, but you better not take any chances.

As for the unfamiliar places, if you see a fountain in the middle of the city, do not drink from it. It is better to buy water from a nearby store. You should not consume something, whose source is unknown, because water is easily infected and there are many different bacteria and microbes in nature.



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