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How to Cook Frozen Mussels?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
Mussels salad

Mussel meat is tasty, healthy and it is almost impossible to gain weight from it. There's only 50 calories in 100 grams of mussels.

Apart from that, the meat contains huge amounts of quality protein, vitamin E, vitamin B, as well as polyunsaturated acids, magnesium, iodine and calcium.

Mussels can either be bought fresh or frozen.

If you choose frozen ones, that requires you to know how the delicious mussels should be prepared in a way, which preserves their taste and the nutrients contained in their meat.

The first and most important thing to know when buying frozen mussels is how to choose quality ones, which you can then prepare for storage in the right way. This can be easily checked, if you have a look at the mussels themselves in the package.

Mussels stew

None of them should be open, because otherwise they will probably not be fit for consumption or at least their taste qualities will be significantly lower.

If you're buying just mussel meat, it should be light yellow in color, elastic and have a fresh sea aroma.

Depending on the recipe which you will prepare, mussels must be processed in a specific way. If you are going to cook whole mussels without removing the shells, you do not need to defrost them before the heat treatment. However, when you only need the meat, you can defrost the mussels on a heated hob, in a pot full of hot water.

The meat must be thoroughly washed, because the shells sometimes accumulate sand. Once the meat is removed, it needs to be washed again and cleaned from seaweed growths and formations.

Once this preparation process is complete, you can proceed to cooking itself. There are many recipes for delicious dishes made with mussels and we suggest you take a look at these specific suggestions for delicious recipes with mussels:

- breaded mussels;

- mussels with rice;

- Tigres stuffed mussels;

- mussels Escabeche;



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