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Breakfast with nuts

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Nuts and Dried Fruits

Nuts are a useful start to the day, as they provide the brain with energy throughout the day. In this respect, hazelnuts and walnuts are very suitable.

Pine nuts are not to be overlooked because they are very beneficial to the overall operation of our body. The easiest way to use nuts in your breakfast is to add them to granola.

Mix oatmeal, dried fruit and pecans, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, or Pine nuts. Fill it with hot water or milk and sweeten if necessary with a teaspoon of honey.

This breakfast is a strong start to the day, the mind and the body care harged with energy, and ensures that by lunchtime you do not want to eat.

If you do not like granola, use nuts, preferably raw, not roasted as a snack. Eat one or two handfuls of nuts, but to enjoy them, eat them one by one, rather than tossing a handful into your mouth, because of a hurry.

Dried Fruts

You can mix dried fruits with nuts, to pour a little hot water, let them soften - this is the perfect healthy snack. Pine nuts can be added to different types of snacks - low-fat yogurt, fruit salad, you can sprinkle a sandwich with them, whether it is meat or vegetarian.

If you have enough time to prepare a nice breakfast and delicious, use peaches, nectarines and avocados. Cut the fruit into two parts, remove pits and fill the cavity with a mixture of ground nuts - walnuts or hazelnuts and low-fat yogurt.

You can add nuts to pancakes if they prefer to start the day, or sprinkle crushed nuts on toast with honey. With nuts can even sprinkle coffee or cappuccino - that will complement the taste and will provide you with an extra dose of energy that you need for a successful day.



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