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Organic food craze

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Lately we hear a lot about how important it is to buy products that are "organic", but is there and should it be another massive wave, another obsession for some period of time that will end soon?

That’s unlikely to happen, because this affects people's health. Eventually, you pay a lot more money, but you know what you put it to - namely in delicious food that among other things is useful. Containing the necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber, the products are fresh and taste - something lacking in many others. At least, that's what we provide. What we know about organic foods is that they are very helpful, the best so far in the market, etc.

Is this obsession with "organic" products not dangerous? Do you not believe that the idea of "organic" is the benchmark for quality?

Anything that is in excess, can be dangerous. It has not yet been proven categorically that organic foods are beneficial, helping us to better health or that protecting us from disease. Then I ask the question, is it really more useful to give more money to live with the label "organic"?

Again, it is clear that even if there is no final confirmation, which proves to us that these products are better for our health, there are studies that show that organic foods contain fewer pesticides and significantly less chemicals.

For our body, its most important for food to be varied and contain all the substances necessary for us, and if it is manufactured in high quality and environmentally friendly way - even better for everyone. Stay healthy and free, eat whatever your like most, and if you are able to have organic food - even better.