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Preservation and storage of fresh cabbage

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Fresh Cabbage

Cabbage is a leafy vegetable that is a popular ingredient in soups , stews , casseroles and salads . Cabbage varieties are categorized mainly in form and season, although in some parts, they can be grown all year round. A head of cabbage can weigh anywhere from 1 to 6 kg.

To help maintain its optimal taste, it is important to use appropriate storage methods at home, when you have purchased cabbage. Proper storage slows the metabolic processes that degrade the quality, texture and taste of this plant.

Step 1

Choose a quality, well-curled cabbage. Note the leaves, which should be a uniform color. Look at the bottom of the cabbage before you buy.

Step 2

Remove any wilted outer leaves from the cabbage head. Use a knife to remove the core from the base of the cabbage. The whole head is rinsed with cold water and placed in a colander to drain.

Pickled Cabbage

Step 3

The rinsed and drained cabbage is placed in a zipper bag, or you can wrap foil tightly around the leaves to restrict airflow. The absence of oxygen will help to slow cellular respiration, which will delay the progression of deterioration. Furthermore, this barrier will help keep the cabbage from drying out and withering. Retention of moisture will help the cabbage leaves to remain fresh.

Step 4

The wrapped head of cabbage is transferred to a refrigerator. For best results, be sure the refrigerator temperature is 0 to 2 degrees, or slightly lower, as this will help to slow the bacterial cell function and inhibits the aging process.

Step 5

Keep the cabbage wrapped and chilled in the refrigerator up to two weeks before you use it. Once the cabbage is cut or removed from there, try to use it within 48 hours, because its vitamin C content is rapidly decreasing.

Another method is to store cabbage in jars. To clean the whole cabbage, chop it up and cure in a suitable container. Clean it with good hands and stuff it in jars (do not allow air), which is subsequently shut tight. This way, the cabbage lasts up to two months, and in cooking, it still tastes very close to fresh. Stored this way, it can also be used for salads.