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How long products can be stored without a fridge

Fresh Meat

Meat is stored without a fridge for three to five days. In order not to spoil, however, it must be covered with a cloth that is moistened with a solution of salicylic acid - one teaspoon per pint of water. Before use, wash the meat thoroughly with running water.

The meat, which is separated from the bones, is stored for longer. If you need to prevent deterioration of meat for a day or two, pour milk on it, so that it is completely below the surface of the milk.

The meat will keep well if you wrap it in a cloth moistened with a strong solution of vinegar with water and put it in a saucepan with a lid. Before use, wash the meat thoroughly with water.

To maintain fresh meat Greeks and Romans used honey. Their meat remained fresh for two or three days and never changed its natural taste.

Rub the meat with salt and pepper and put it in a glass container, then cover it with a lid.

Fish can not be kept for long, it spoils after 24 hours at room temperature. At minus 1 ° C, it deteriorates after 100 hours.

Fresh fish can be stored for two days in the summer, if cleaned of entrails, do not wash, but wipe it dry with a clean cloth and salt it inside and out. The fish is hung in a ventilated place, wrap with gauze to protect from insects.


Milk can be stored for two days without a refrigerator in a glass or earthenware pot, in a cool and dark place. Light makes milk lose its nutritional value. You may also put the milk in a large bowl with cold water.

Butter lasts two weeks without a refrigerator, if you put it in a jar and cover it entirely in vinegar.

Eggs are stored up to 4-5 days without a fridge if previously coated with a thin layer of fat or protein, wrapped in paper, and arranged in a net, or a basket and left in a ventilated area.


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