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How to prepare the most delicious sauce

White Dip

You can easily cook the tastiest sauces in the world as long as you follow only one rule, say French chefs. The secret of the preparation of sauces has long been guarded, but it is known to all.

To get the sauce thick and uniform without lumps, all the ingredients should be mixed in a certain order. All components must be added into the mixture depending on their hardness.

For example, in start mix the hard and dry, and at the end add the liquid ingredients. After preparing the sauce, add spices to give the sauce a really rich flavor.

Instead of adding sauce to the spaghetti or other pasta, you have to do exactly the opposite: add pasta to the sauce.

Spaghetti with Sauce

That is the only way to get better seeping in of the pasta sauce. According to the French chefs and their Italian counterparts, spaghetti sauce can be attributed to a particular kind of food.

The oldest sauce in the world has the simplest preparation: olive oil, to which we add grated or finely chopped cloves of garlic.

Based on this basic sauce, true culinary masterpieces can be prepared: walnut sauce, spicy sauce, milk sauce.

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