Secrets of good wine

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Cups of Wine

Wine is a good company for each season - summer is more appropriate for white wine, well chilled, maybe even Rose. The winter season is great for dark red wine that warms you from the first sip.

But to feel all that guilty pleasure - no matter their color, certain requirements must be met. Not with the technology used, but rather with the question of what are the secrets of good wine - in terms of production and in terms of the user. How to know what wine to buy?

The secret of good wine, lies in the manufacturer's vineyard. It's true - everyone knows that wine is made from grapes, but vinegar can be prepared from them too, so how it is made is the main secret of a good wine. Terroir is what determines the nature of each individual bottle of wine.

The beginning of a good drink starts from the first planting of vines. To have a good vintage, a grower must make some effort - be careful not to get a sick vine, prune them on time and spray the necessary preparations. However, after the grapes grow, a wonderful fresh look, great aroma and sweet taste will be the payoff for the hard work. From such grapes are made only the finest wines.

Wine and Cheese

If you want to know the secret of good wine when you are ready to eat, here's what you need to look for on the label:

1. It is important that each user and lover of wine knows that to be good and drinkable, its price would be high. Care being taken to reach a good outcome will always be the more expensive type of care.

2. The label must track labeled "natural wine", meaning that this wine is made from quality concentrate. The words "special wine" may be written too.

3. In addition to this inscription, seek what the content of the drink is. You must see the contents of the sugar.

4. Another important factor is to have the address of the manufacturer.

5. The label should not miss information on what wine it is - table or otherwise.

6. Pay close attention to the expiration date.

7. It is best that you try the wine - it is difficult to choose a quality drink just by looking. In case you have this possibility, note that after sip some taste remains in your mouth, otherwise it may be a low quality wine.

8. When the bottle is opened, all you have to feel is the aroma of the wine and the natural flavor that it brings.