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How best to defrost meat

How best to defrost meat

If you want to cook frozen meat, you'll need to defrost it. The more slowly you defrost meat, the less juice and nutrients are lost.

Rapid thawing in the microwave is not recommended, since this method of thawing will lose valuable nutrients. When cooking, the meat will completely lose its flavor and its attractive appearance.

It is best to defrost meat by moving it from the freezer to the fridge. Frozen meat should be put in a pot or in a large bowl and covered with a wet cloth.

This is needed to melt ice crystals slower, or all the muscle fibers of your meat will be lost.

As a result of this process, meat swells and largely recovers its properties - so it will be the quality of having been chilled, rather than frozen.

Thus, the meat will thaw in about ten or twelve hours. It will take time, but the meat will be very tender and tasty, if thawed properly.

If frozen meat needs to be thawed as quickly as possible, it can be left at room temperature to thaw for about three or four hours.

It is not good to defrost the meat in a very warm room and soak in hot water. If it stays in water, much of the useful substances will go in the water.

Thawed meat must be thoroughly washed before it is cut. Just after washing, the meat must be cut. The meat is cut with a sharp knife to prevent the loss of large amounts of juice.

However, if the meat is cleaned and pre-treated and then frozen, you can simply put it to boil in a pot if you need it boiled. If you bake it or cook meals with it, it’s better to wait for it to thaw.



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