Forbidden foods for high blood pressure

blood pressure

High blood pressure and hypertension affect large numbers of people. The condition is known as a silent killer because there are usually small and inconspicuous signs and symptoms. Lifestyle choices, including proper diet and exercise affect the control of blood pressure. The intake of certain foods can improve or worsen your condition. The majority of diet recommendations for high blood pressure overlap with those of healthy eating in general.

Limit alcohol. Several studies suggest that a low concentration of alcohol has protective effects on the heart and may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. For pre-existing high blood pressure aufferera, alcohol consumption is unhealthy. It directly damages the walls of blood vessels, which in turn leads to increased blood pressure, making its treatment more difficult and at the same time - increasing the risk of complications.

For some people, eating too much salt leads to high blood pressure. In others, the same amount of salt may not have any effect. The problem is that no doctor or scientist can determine what the case for each individual patient is. This, coupled with the fact that a large amount of salt is bad for your heart, means that reducing sodium, provided by salt is recommended as part of your healthy diet. These recommendations are particularly important in those with high blood pressure, due to kidney problems.

Avoid saturated fats, especially trans fats. They are harmful for your heart and blood vessels. Since the conditions for high blood pressure are already loaded in your blood system, the extra stress can be catastrophic. In a balanced diet, you should limit your intake of saturated and trans fats (red meat, food from restaurants, fast food ) and take moderate amounts of other fats - olive oil, rapeseed, etc.

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