The consequences of poor nutrition

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Sometimes indications that something is wrong come too late – you feel good, energetic, there is a mood for everything and problems like headaches, fatigue, nosebleeds, high blood pressure, constant mood swings, and fatigue often emerge unexpectedly.

Then everyone begins to worry and decides to visit a doctor to find out what is happening to them. After research, the patient sees that their blood sugar level is not normal, the blood "bounces" and all this worry, just because one is eating the wrong foods.

Until you find the cause of the poor results, more time passes and more and more concerns rise.

All this comes from taking any food in any situation, at any time - as much as you want, without ever thinking, but the body should have a say in some situations. Lack of control is that which brings us to the door of the surgery department and that causes all these symptoms.

The consequences of obesity due to poor nutrition are clear and these are not just a matter of "I don’t have a perfect figure" or "I can’t be seen at the beach like this".

These are effects which are dangerous to your life - myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, hypertension.

Poor nutrition is not just a matter of high-calorie foods that most people love and eat often. It's about the quality of the food that we eat and what time of day you do so.

Do not pamper yourself every time, especially with things that will not bring any of the nutrients your body needs, but only falsely satiate your hunger. Limit yourself and avoid creating consequences and concerns that come from lack of control, as the outcomes are scary.


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