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Useful and healthy desserts

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There are desserts in whose benefits have no doubt - these are honey, natural chocolate, dried prunes and raisins, which are known for their health properties.

Experts agree that the acceptable daily dose of chocolate is four pieces, sweet fruits can be eaten only at a rate of two a day and honey should not go too far – we are allowed only three teaspoons daily. Our daily dose of sugar is also small - three teaspoons throughout the day, including all sugar drinks.

Milk chocolate is delicious, but the most useful and friendly for your health and natural figure is that which is with more than seventy percent cocoa content.

Among fruits for dessert are recommended hard apples, pears and dragon fruits that are known to be very sweet.

These three types of fruit also have beneficial vitamins and trace elements, while they contain fiber, which is very useful for the stomach and cleanses the body of toxins and the harmful products of your metabolism.


Bananas and grapes are some of the sweetest fruits, they are also very useful, but should be in limited quantity.

Marshmallows can also be attributed to the category of good desserts. They contain a lot of gelatin and pectin that affect the digestive system for the better, help normalize metabolic processes, improve peripheral circulation and purify the body of toxins.

Halva is very useful, because despite its high calorific value, it contains small amounts of sugar. Rather, it has many vitamins - B1, F1 and E, which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, strengthens immunity, and improves your skin and hair.

Ice cream is reflected very well in our minds, it makes us feel happy, especially since this is the favorite dessert of all children and immediately takes us back to the carefree days of childhood. The milk used to make quality ice cream contains tryptophan - it calms the nerves and helps deal with insomnia.