What are amino acids?

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What are amino acids?

They are called essential because the body does not produce them, and we have to take them in with food, supplements, or medications. These are leucine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, valine and fenilalvinine. Essential amino acids must be taken with food daily, as their absence in the body can cause retardation in your body and serious disturbances in your metabolism.

Why are they called amino acids?

They are expendable because the body can produce them only if they are needed.

Sources of amino acids are protein-rich foods such as fish, legumes, dairy products, meat and more.

Amino acids are contained more in food of animal origin and therefore recommended more. But animal foods contain a higher percentage of fat.

Proteins that come from food, break down in the body into amino acids. Then they reach organs and tissues through the blood. Once they have reached the final point, begin to carry out their functions.

What do we need amino acids for?

They participate in the growth and development of muscle tissue and help it recover. The body can produce over 50 000 different proteins and over 15 000 enzymes if it has the necessary amino acids. Above all, amino acids have a significant impact on your mood, sexual drive, concentration and sleep.

How do we get amino acids?

We get enough amino acids with our food and additional additives are not needed. Various additives are most often used by athletes who need muscle mass faster and hence greater durability.


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