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Ideas for cocktail snacks

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Cocktail platter

When you are hosting guests, you can prepare cocktail bites. Thus, hosting the guests will be a sophisticated ritual and you will not have to spend hours over the stove, but with more diligence, the bites will look like out of a culinary magazine.

The basis of the bites is best made with a small, circular settee of bread - white or wholegrain. For this purpose, slice the bread with a tumbler glass into spectacular rings, but only with the soft part of the bread.

Arrange the bread settee in a beautiful board or tray. Prepare several boards to have bits of meat products, bites of fish or seafood and vegetarian snacks. Each of your guests can enjoy exactly what they love.

If you are too lazy to shape round settees, cut the slices of bread into four, or use salty crackers for the bites.

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Meat cocktail bites are made with pieces of sausage, tenderloin or ham, which are decorated with half an olive, or sliced cucumber or pepper. If you're lazy, you can brush the base of the bits with oil, to which you have previously added a green spice, until they have softened.

You can also spread pate on the bites, but to make it more beautiful, squeeze it out of a mold and garnish with a sprig of parsley.

Seafood Bites are very effective if you use salmon or tuna pate and decorate them with a little bit of vegetables of your choice. Spectacular and delicious are bites with butter, on which are placed a few grains of caviar or a slice of lemon and a shrimp.

Vegetarian snacks can be made from coated with a herb butter or feta cheese spread foundation, upon which you sprinkle grated cheese, put in a circle of processed cheese and garnish with vegetables and herbs.