Palm oil raises cholesterol

Palm oil

Palm oil is an organic product derived from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm. It is red-colored, rich in carotenoids and palmitic acid.

It cures at temperatures lower than 30 ° C. It is characterized by a typical nutty flavor and pleasant aroma.

It is widely used in food, cooking in the manufacture of soap, production of stearine, margarine, and also as a lubricant.

In cooking, this oil is suitable for frying and also for preparation of confectionery.

World palm oil production in 2005 amounted to about 35 million tons, and the largest producers and exporters are Malaysia (15 million tons) and Indonesia (14 ml n-t).

Palm oil increasingly occupies a more important place in our food. Many chefs in the world, as well as manufacturers of various foods, prefer this type of oil because it is 3-4 times cheaper.

This palm oil began to increasingly replace vegetable oil or animal fat in pastries, ice cream, waffles, popcorn and much more.

Previously, it was thought that palm oil is much more dangerous for the heart than animal oil. Then it became clear that it affects cholesterol levels as much as animal fats do.

Therefore, try to exclude products containing palm oil, carefully watching their content. Keep in mind that manufacturers often mask palm oil under the term vegetable oil.


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