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Steamed veggies

Few people know that a healthy diet depends not only on ingredients, but also on the way the food is prepared. Fried food is bad, but sometimes it takes too long to roast. In thermal processing, many products lose their beneficial properties. Is there a way to prepare food that is healthy, economical and practical? Yes, steaming!

Steamed dishes are, dietetic and tasty. They are prepared faster than other thermal processes and consume less energy. Despite the above advantages, there are skeptics, saying this way of cooking makes dishes insipid and tasteless. Whether this is true or steaming just has its subtleties is an important question. The secret will be uncovered in this article.

The sales network has enough equipment designed specifically for this purpose, but is it worth the money spent to buy them? The answer is "no", because you can adapt similar units completely at home. Just take a deep saucepan, pour water in it and place a colander or metal mesh on top. And then, you already have a home steamer that is free!

Steaming device

When you pour water into the container, make sure the distance from the surface to the level of the ingredients is about 3 cm. However, the goods must be affected by the heat treatment of the steam, so close the lid of the pot.

The choice of ingredients is also important. You must select them ripe and without damages. An important detail is that with steaming, the taste of the products is exacerbated and if they are of poor quality, it will show. That is why they often taste insipid and tasteless.

The way of cutting is very important - try to make equal-sized pieces. That way, the food will cook evenly. This will save you some embarrassment, or the products will remain raw, while others - mushy.

Steamed dish

Arrange the products so that they are tightly knit together. There should be a space between them to allow the steam to circulate freely and the dish will be prepared evenly.

Meat, fish and succulent steamed products should be placed at the bottom to ensure the juices and fat that you will get in heating, not to soak the other products that are being cooked together with them in the dish.

If you want to give a spicy flavor to food - marinate them beforehand. Another option is to add water aromatic spices, a cube of stock, or wine.

The advantage of steaming is that the products retain the most of their shape, taste, color and especially their nutritional value. With other methods of preparation (thermal processing), the vitamins in the products decrease and their minerals go into the sauce of the meal.

When steaming, this is not the case - they are preserved and remain where they belong - in the ingredients. Dare and try it! This is healthy, quick, cheap and fun!



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