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Which potatoes are best for frying


Different varieties of potatoes are suitable for different types of heat treatment. For example, white potatoes are perfect for mashing or boiling, but not suitable for baking and frying.

Potatoes, which are yellow when cut, have a slightly sweet flavor and are perfect for baking and frying, but not suitable for pureeing.

Potato varieties differ in whether they have a lot of starch or not.

Potatoes that are high in starch are boiled quickly. Potatoes that are low in starch are suitable for frying.

potato wedges

If when cutting the potatoes with a knife, a whitish fluid remains on it, that is starch, so it's a potato with a high starch content.

If the potatoes are sprouted, it is a sign that no valuable substances and vitamins are in them. If there are green spots on the potatoes, it is better to dispose of them, they contain highly toxic solanine.

When frying potatoes, it is very important to choose good quality oil. The most delicious and crimpy potatoes are fried in a mixture of equal parts vegetable oil and previously melted butter. Even if you add a tablespoon of oil to the frying of potatoes, it will change the flavor and taste of the potatoes.

Frying potatoes is best done in a pan with a thick bottom. French fries are cut into sticks, cubes, circles or wedges. Once you cut the potatoes, they must be washed thoroughly to keep a little starch in them and then dried thoroughly, to be crunchy.

Prepared this way, the fries are fried in preheated oil until golden. Crunchy potatoes are obtained if they fry over high heat, while soft – on a lower heat.

Just before removing them from the pan, salt the potatoes. If deep-frying, it is important when you drop them into the boiling fat. A piece of bread will help you with this. When you drop it in the oil, it should be brown in one minute. Then it's time to start frying the potatoes.



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