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Subtleties of stewing meat

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Stewed meat is very tasty if you know some subtleties for its preparation. Classic stewing of meat involves browning, after which you will quickly place the lid on and stew over low heat in a small volume of liquid.

This process is perfect for preparing a fibrous meat, beef ribs or pork shoulder. The meat is taken and put in a saucepan with a thick bottom.

If the meat is stewed with vegetables, all ingredients must be placed firmly into the pan, to use minimal amounts of liquid.

In a pan, heat a tablespoon of oil over medium heat. Put the meat in and fry it on all sides until golden brown.

meat dish in a pan

The meat is removed from the pan and in it are put vegetables to fry over low heat, until tender. Meat is returned to the pan with the vegetables and then add fluid, broth is best.

To improve the taste of the meat, you can add a little wine. Another popular way to get plenty of flavor to stewed meat is to add tomatoes.

They complement the taste of the stewed meat and thicken the liquid in which it is prepared. The less liquid in the dish, the more delicious the outcome.

Once all the ingredients of the dish are together, the dish is boiled over high heat. Then reduce the temperature, so that the liquid is on the verge of boiling, quickly place the lid on and cook on a slow fire.

Moderate temperature is needed to soften tough meat tissue. In high heat, the meat will become even tougher.

The meat is done when it is easily pierced with a fork. Then, remove the fat from the surface.


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