Secrets of lean beef


Veal is tender and tasty, if you follow certain rules for preparation. To make sure beef stew tastes great before cooking it, dip it in flour and fry until golden.

Fry the meat along with the rest of the oil is moved to a pan, pour a little hot water or broth and stew over a slow fire.

During stewing, the meat is turned over several times and you must shake the pan to not burn the meat. Make hot water if necessary.

When the meat is ready, the sauce of the stew is strained and poured on the meat for serving.

cooked meat

Meat stewing may have tendons, and not necessarily be tenderloin. It softens muscle tissue and the meat becomes tender.

When meat is tender, it must be removed from the heat, leaving it too long leads to boiling and the taste changes.

Sauté veal without it being cut to pieces. The best is to stew a piece with a weight of about two pounds.

Roast beef is very tasty if you use high quality meat, tenderloin is best. The meat should not be oily. Before baking, marinate it in a mixture of vinegar, honey and spices.

For baking, a piece of beef weighing about two kilograms requires approximately two hours baking in the oven. To obtain lean meat, beat it with a wooden mallet, salt it, sprinkle it with a little flour, then fry it until golden on all sides.

Move it to a pan with the required dimensions, pour in the fat from frying and bake, constantly watering the meat with the fat from roasting. If necessary, add water.

The meat is ready when you pierce it with a fork and it releases clear juice.

For broths, veal bone is used, for stew - chest and shoulder and for soup - knuckles. Pieces of the hindquarters are suitable for roasting.



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