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How long to grill which meat

sliced fillet

The pre- treatment of meat requires it to be washed with rapidly flowing water, the piece must be whole. If it is cut, it will lose valuable juices and this reduces its nutritional value. In French cuisine, washing is replaced by blanching.

After being washed or blanched, the meat is dried and cleaned of excess fat and sinew. The fat should remain in a layer of approximately 2-3 mm that will prevent rapid evaporation of the juices and keep the juiciness of the meat.

Meat that will fry or stew should be cut depending on the dish. Cut in the direction of the muscle fibers, for the integrity of the cells.

For a more delicious meat dish, you can pre-marinate it with a seasoning or a marinade with vinegar. Before stewing, the meat must be salted and floured, then lightly fried on all sides.

sliced meat

Put it in a suitable container, pour on the fat of the frying and bake in the oven, often watering it with the its own sauce. If necessary, add water.

You know when to be ready, prick it with a fork. If it comes easy and the meat comes out clear and the juice not too heavy, you can turn off the oven.

Pork roasts on average for about an hour and a half for a 2 kg piece. If you want to prepare alangle, so that it should release pink juice, the baking time is less. For alangle, roast the pork for less than an hour. When you pierce it and get juice, then your specialty alangle is ready.

Poultry and game, and also the products to go with it, need to be boiled, steamed or blanched.

For veal, you need a little more time than pork. Its baking time depends on how you have prepared your meat - pre- boiling, steaming or blanching.

When browning the meat, it is essential to achieve the golden and crispy crust. This is done at the highest degree. When the crust is ready, the temperature is reduced to a half for its full preparation.



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