Tea for eternal youth

green tea

Green tea, also called virgin tea is one of the best teas to cleanse the body. Green tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, a plant that grows in over 50 countries, from Russia to Argentina and Brazil to Mozambique.

India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and China are the most popular countries for the production of green tea and they are certainly among the most loyal customers because in these countries the qualities of green tea are most valued.

Green tea has been known to man for thousands of years and has also been used for as long, but humanity began its cultivation in 350 BC in China and in 700 BC in Japan. On the Asian continent, it is seen estimated more as a healing herb rather than just a drink. Asians maintain this tradition, they are somehow addicted to this drink, they drink it like it's water.

Some myths say that this is the reason why Asians always look so young and their skin never wrinkles, as it happens with all the other people and in the prime of life, they are still youthful.

Green tea is considered miraculous medicine for the maintenance of our health. This tea has an extraordinary power for prolonging our life. Green tea has different essential oils in its composition, such as caffeine, theine, flavonoids, teflavin, vitamin C, tannins, proteins, iron, fluorine, calcium and several other substances in smaller quantities, but the most important component is epigallocate gallate.

Kettle with green tea

It seems that all the substances that protect us from stress, are explained by the simple fact that they are able to fight free radicals from pollution, cigarette smoke, smoke from exhaust gases, ultraviolet rays, etc.. All they are found in the hot drink - one of the best antioxidant, diuretic stimulators of burning fat and a protective factor against cancer and aging.

Among it’s positive effects, we can enumerate: low blood pressure, diuretic, antioxidant, it lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, improves circulation and digestion, and the latest research would say that green tea controls Alzheimer's disease. It improves blood flow to the skin, fights cavities from taking fluoride tones and fights depression.

Japanese researchers have shown that the tannin contained in tea leaves, slows the aging of tissues, much more and much more effectively than vitamin E. Green tea is good for normalizing the metabolism, stabilizing weight and is the secret of eternal youth.


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