Olive oil as a medicine

olive oil

It is true that all foods are medicine and drugs are all food. No doubt, olives and olive oil are both, food and medicine. Olive oil provides the cleanest fats and bacteria can not live in it.

Those who recognize its wonderful healing properties and many applications have not been left without a bottle of virgin olive oil in the house. One can’t meet olive oil when too young. Once a child is born, then dab it’s skin with olive oil. It is a much safer to clean delicate baby skin than water and soap.

For adults, it is far superior to and more beneficial than fish oil. Unlike conventional oils, it is extracted mechanically, pure olive oil mixes well with other foods and helps digestion and the natural disposal of waste products.

A tablespoon olive oil helps people who suffer from throat problems and eases your voice. In catarrh of the stomach and digestive problems, the oil will be very useful when mixing one tablespoon of it with and one of honey in a glass of warm water, taken twice a day.

There is nothing which the oil can not handle - coughs, colds and sore throats. With these problems, hold a teaspoon in your mouth as long as possible. Swimmers have found it an excellent helper that helps them withstand the cold, it is rubbed well into the skin and the problem is solved.

Olive oil and vinegar

It is rapidly absorbed by the skin and if rubbed on the body, it is said to have the power to sustain life for long periods of time, even with no food in your stomach. Those wishing to clear their complexion, it should be freely used often.

Rubbing a few drops on a wasp sting will immediately stop the burning sensation and prevent swelling. For burns, wounds, cuts, scratches, sore feet, chapped hands, rough skin, sunburnt skin, an application of oil will show a wonderful healing effect. When suffering from earache, you can apply a few drops of warm olive oil.

For lumbago and other unpleasant diagnoses, olive oil mixed with cayenne pepper is applied to the affected areas with a bandage, it helps to establish the blood circulation necessary to correct these problems.


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