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Beautiful skin is dependent on food

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You probably use a miracle cream, but true beauty for the skin is created from within. If you eat a certain way, you have a better chance to get a glowing complexion.

Consume a lot of products that contain vitamin C: citrus fruits, broccoli, guava and kiwi. They help the body to produce more collagen.

For smooth skin, eat more garlic and onions. Although you will not be able to kiss, your body will get a perfect dose of sulfur and wrinkles will straighten out.

Beautiful skin needs omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They are found in oily fish, flax seed oil, as well as sunflower and corn oil.

Vitamin E contained in avocados and almonds, will make your skin shine. Vitamin A helps the skin renew itself. It is found in eggs, liver, milk and margarine.

Drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day. Tea and coffee do not count, you need to drink clean water without any additives. Also quit smoking.

If your skin is too dry, eat more vegetables and fruits that are red, yellow and dark green in color. They contain everything you need against dry skin.

Is your skin oily? Stop your intake of chips, waffles and pastries and start eating healthy. Replace butter with olive oil.



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