Easy Dinner with Potatoes


Prepare quick and easy dinner with potatoes, if you suddenly have surprise guests. You need five large potatoes, two cloves of garlic, 4 slices bacon, mayonnaise, spices to taste.

Raw peeled potatoes and bacon are cut into cubes. Garlic is cut into small pieces. Everything is mixed, poured into a baking dish with mayonnaise.

Cover with foil and bake in preheated oven for about forty minutes. Serve hot. These potatoes are aromatic and very tasty.

Another option is to cook stewed potatoes with sausage. You need a carrot, half an onion, four or five large potatoes and a couple of frankfurters.

potato dinner

Cut the potatoes into cubes and lightly fry, then add the carrot cut into rings to them., Add the finely chopped onion to them.

Stew a few minutes, continually mixing. Sprinkle with plenty of spices to taste, add sliced sausage in circles, add a little water and stew under a lid over medium heat until the potatoes soften.

Tasty and easy are potatoes with garlic and dill. For preparing, a pound of potatoes, half a cup of olive oil, dill, salt, garlic to taste, cheese for sprinkling are all required.

Wash and cut the potatoes into slices. Carefully peel the potatoes’ skin, to keep the vitamins that are just below.

Pour over the potatoes with hot water and place on the stove. When you have boiled the potatoes, drain them from the water. Heat the olive oil a little and pour it into a pan. Arrange the potatoes in it and bake in a preheated oven for twenty minutes.

Put the ready hot potatoes in a large bowl, previously rubbed with garlic, salt and sprinkled with finely chopped dill and grated cheese.


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