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Fizzy Drinks Make Us Overeat

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The problem of obesity in children and adults, often lies not only in overeating, but also in heavy use of soft drinks. They are a nice addition to any meal and are a favorite of many people.

Over eighty percent of children and more than fifty percent of working-age adults drink at least one soda a day. Seventy percent of them have drunk fizzy drinks at home.

When drinking a fizzy drink, your body wants something to eat. If you have sparkling water when you are thirsty, there will be an increase in appetite that comes with it. Replacing sodas with water leads to a reduction in calories and these are reduced in number by more than 200 per day.

Carbonated drinks are especially harmful because they are very sweet. This often leads to obesity, particularly in cases of gross excess of soda.


Drinks activate the processes of separation of fatty acids by bacteria that live in the stomach. This process strongly influences the presence of glucose, fructose and artificial sweeteners.

Fatty acids are a source of energy, but their surplus sends a signal to the brain that it needs saturation, thus forcing the body to want more food. As a result, we eat more than is actually needed by the body.

People who drink two or more sodas a day increase their waist circumference with two to five centimeters a year. Every metabolism is different, so the gain is in varying degrees.

If you overdo carbonated drinks that do not contain sugar, but have artificial sweeteners, it changes the gastric flora, worsens your metabolism and disrupts the stomach. This leads to obesity.

If you drink more than two sodas a day for ten, years your waist will more than double. Aside from being bad for your waistline, soft drinks are dangerous because of the changing levels of insulin in the body. This leads to many health problems.



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