Milk Vodka is a Hit with Cocktail Fans

milk vodka

Ladies, the only way to get your partner to consume more high-fat dairy products is to buy him vodka, made entirely from milk.

It is the invention of the English farmer Jason Barber, who has devoted more than three years to being able to create an alcoholic product based entirely on cow's milk.

By an irony of fate, the milk used to make the world's only "milk" vodka is also what makes the world-famous "Barber" brand of cheddar cheese. Lovers of dairy products will remember that this particular brand won the world prize for the best cheddar cheese in 2012.


The British middle-aged man, who is the owner of an elite herd of 250 dairy cows, decided to diversify his dairy products in an attempt to produce his favorite vodka using milk.

Inspired by the experience of the people of the Republic of Tuva in the territory of Siberia, who are able to produce alcohol even with yak milk, Mr. Barber sealed himself in his lab.

The development of vodka from fresh milk has taken more than three years. The author of the discovery says that the secret of the unusual drink lies in the prior separation of milk curds and whey.

milk vodka

Thus separated, the whey is fermented in beer, with a special yeast added to accelerate the fermentation by converting lactic sugar to alcohol.

The fermented liquid is distilled using a secret distillation process. The distillate was filtered three times through charcoal and / or other crops, such as barley. Only then is the vodka ready for bottling and commercial distribution.

Lovers of the unusual drink, including many Hollywood celebrities like Daniel Craig and Elizabeth Hurley, said that it had a specific, mild, creamy taste.

These qualities make it highly suitable for direct consumption or as a base for many of the world’s most famous cocktails.

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