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How to Prepare the Perfect Coffee

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Hot aromatic coffee has millions of fans worldwide. Coffee is known as the drink that bestows freshness and a good mood. But this is true only when the coffee is properly prepared.

If you approach coffee-making superficially, you can spoil even the most exquisite and expensive variety of the gorgeous beans. And coffee brewed the wrong way has no beneficial properties.

Drinking Coffee

The most popular varieties of coffee are Arabica and Robusta. Robusta has a slightly rough taste, which is strong and acerbic. The content of caffeine in these grains can exceed 3 %.

Arabica has a mild flavor with a distinctly expressed sour taste and the content of caffeine varies from half to one and a half percent.

To make the perfect Turkish coffee, you need a copper pot. Before you put the coffee in, rinse the pot with hot water.

Pour 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in the pot and 2/5 cup (100 milliliters) of boiling water so that the undissolved coffee does not resurface.

If foam starts to rise and bubble on the sides of the pot, reduce the fire to boil the coffee very slowly. At the boiling point of the water, the coffee will start to rise.

black Coffee

The coffee is done once the foam rises up, but has not begun to fall apart. The ideal foam is dark, with large bubbles. Once the coffee settles, the foam becomes small and almost transparent.

To settle the coffee faster, add a teaspoon of cold water. You can prepare coffee in an exotic way.

For this purpose, cold water is poured over freshly ground grains in a ratio of two to one. Leave to stand overnight in a dark place, strain and mix with cold water once more.

You can add spicy seasonings to make your coffee more flavorful and exotic - such as nutmeg and black pepper.



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