How to Roast a Goose

roasted goose

To make roast goose tasty and tender, it must first be well-prepared. This is not difficult, but requires time - two days, which means you need to buy it a few days before serving.

Put the goose on the table with tweezers and remove all traces of feathers. With a small knife, remove the fat located around the neck, as well as that found in the abdominal incision.

Pierce the skin on the chest, as well as that of the leg and the location where the legs are joined to the body. In a large pot, boil water and drop the goose inside, upside down.

goose in the oven

Leave for one minute and remove. Wait for the water to boil again and leave the goose with its feet down again for one minute. Remove the bird and drain the water from it and wipe it with a cloth inside and outside.

Take coarse salt - one teaspoon per kilogram of meat - mix it with black pepper and optionally you can add oregano. With this mixture, rub the goose inside and out and allow it to cool for two days.

Гоcooked goose

This procedure is done to dry skin and then bake it become brown and crisp. The goose should be well filled and sewn.

For the filling, you can use whatever you like: rice, liver and onions and whatever else you have in mind. The filling should consist of chopped pieces of meat, if any, in the filling, but not too finely, mixed with olive oil or butter.

The goose is filled immediately before baking. Sew with a thick thread. To make it easier to remove it, make big stitches with a thick needle.

Preheat oven to maximum. Take a pan with high walls, put it on the grill and add water to cover the bottom - a centimeter deep.

Place the goose on a rack with the back up. Put the tray into the preheated oven, close the door and leave for 15 minutes. Then reduce the temperature to 160 degrees and turn the goose.

Continue to cook for about an hour and a half. If the bird is larger, you will need two hours to bake it well and get a crispy crust.


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