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Preservation of Uncut Meat

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To ensure the quality of dried, smoked or salted meat, you can cook it yourself. It is enough to have a piece of meat, to conserve it without cutting parts.

To make cured meat yourself, you should use only very fresh and high quality meat. This will achieve a perfect result.

Drying meat is a very old method of preserving large chunks of meat. The basis of this process has been used since ancient times for the storage of meat for a long time, it is the removal of liquid from the meat.

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Dried meat does not contain water and its size is decreased somewhat. In order to be tasty and stored for longer, dried meat is salted and even soaked in a solution of salt.

Meat can last for some time, having been sprinkled with coarse salt and pinned with a weight. It is then hung to dry as it may be perfused or coated with a variety of spices.

By salting and drying is made the worldwide famous ham - Parma ham, known as prosciutto and Spanish ham.

The larger the meat, the longer it needs drying. This period can reach more than six months.


Whole pieces of meat can be smoked and produce delicious smoked meat.

Smoking the meat is carried out at a temperature of 60 to 80 degrees. Smoking of meat is done in order to obtain a more interesting flavor and longer storage.

The meat is smoked in specially made devices. At the bottom of the device, you have a zest and the upper part has an attached piece of meat, which is to be smoked slowly.

Salting the meat is a very ancient method of preserving large chunks of meat. The meat is stored for a long time due to the destruction of pathogenic bacteria in meat.

Classic dry salting method in which you rub the meat with salt and leave it for some time in the pan, cover with salt and top with salt water, until full.

Salted meat has a distinctive taste and the aroma of salt. For salting meat, the most appropriate is sea salt, but you can use normal salt.