Say No to Pesticides, Choose Health

Bionic farming

There is a new scourge to humanity whose expression already started a long time ago, as the global epidemic called obesity. The trend towards ever wider consumption of junk food is at its peak and the bad news is that humanity is practically not able to feed just on organic farming.

Gradually and almost imperceptibly, over the past decades, natural foods were replaced by synthetic products from food corporations and the markets are now full of fruits and vegetables that are the result of mass "pestitcidisation" - plants of GMO selection that thrive because of pesticides and which are fed.

The second bad news is that many of us can not even distinguish between natural tomato and one grown without soil in a greenhouse. And if we have to be honest, very few of us are asking questions about the quality of food is important because only the price. Smooth and uniform vegetables are attractive to the eye and are affordable.

bio foods

But it should be clear that the consumption of refined products made with maize "pesticide Fields" is essentially robbing our health. While we all can say that when it comes to our own health, you should not compromise, though next time at the market, you will put in your bags cheaper cucumbers.

Among organic products and those frm the food industry there are several major differences. The first is in their processing before reaching the final consumer or rather - us.

Organic foods are grown with natural fertilizers and pest control in crops used birds, beneficial insects or traps.

Unlike organic farming, where food using inorganic fertilizers and many pesticides to eliminate pests and plant diseases. And here comes the logical question that hinted at above answer: Why are pesticides used, if they are so harmful?

In essence Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill pests and diseases affecting plants, soil during growth, or while stored. Pesticides are a sure way to quick and effective end product produced most cheaply for as soon as possible. Harmful fertilizers are used to accelerate growth.

bio stores

Fertilizers are not intended directly for us humans, but easily fall into our body when we consume non-organic foods. And the results are there for quite some time - startling statistics for fighting the disease of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Alternative to the terrible trend of 100% organic farming, which became a fashion trend in nutrition and whose products have a significantly higher price. But have you agreed that your health is priceless?

Bio fruits and bio veggies it’s definitely that more expensive is better quality. These products are grown and processed by special technology without the intervention of any chemicals - all natural and intuitive.

Time for good news. Obsession with healthy eating with organic food has also caused the quota of bioproducts in the stands to increase.

Nutritious organic food can be found more easily and not only in specialized organic shops, but also in well-known supermarket where they are usually separated into separate sections. Explore their brochures and choose what you need you and your family.


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