Fast Thawing of Products

Quick defrosting

When you need to quickly defrost a product from the freezer, you should be aware that improper thawing can destroy the shape of the product and may adversely affect its taste qualities.

One of the simplest ways for the rapid thawing of products out of the freezer is to use a microwave oven. Before defrosting, remove the product packaging, as it may contain particulate film unsuitable for microwave.

microwave defrost

After defrosting the product in the microwave oven, allow it to stand for 15 minutes before cooking to allow the heat to distribute inside it.

To thaw the product evenly in the microwave, you need to turn it over several times. You should be careful with the defrost time, so as not to start to cook the product.

Another option for the quick thawing of products is to use an oven with a fan. The presence of the fan helps with the even and rapid thawing of the products. You must turn on the oven to about 176°F (80 °C), so as not to cook the products.

Fish has very tender meat and rapid thawing can affect its taste and structure. To quickly thaw fish, remove it from the freezer, put it in a plastic bag and place that in another bag.

steam defrost

Place the package in a deep bowl and run cold water over it. Once the bowl is full, change out the water every 15 minutes until they are thawed - it takes about 40 minutes. You can also use an apparatus for steam cooking.

Do not thaw fish in warm water, so as not to spoil the taste of it and destroy the nutrients it contains. It is not necessary to defrost the fish completely, you can clean it even easier if it is not thawed all the way.

For the quick defrosting of mince, use the same procedure or put the packet of mince in a bag, and the bag - in a bowl and heat the bowl in a water bath to soften it.

If you need to quickly defrost crab rolls, leave the package for 3 minutes under a stream of warm water. This is enough to unfreeze the fine rolls.


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