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Suitable Seasoning for Chicken

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Spices are vital to any meal. Chicken is the most common poultry worldwide, and is cooked in many different ways in different parts of the world. Spices that are suitable for chicken are numerous and come from diverse backgrounds. The list is too long, but let us mention a few.

Black pepper. It is one of the most common spices in European cuisine and together with salt, it's present on every table. Pepper not only adds flavor to the dish, but also aids digestion and increases appetite.

Rosemary. This is a spice that is used in traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Suitable for chicken, fish, game, rice foods and potatoes, dishes with cabbage, carrots and tomatoes, as well as for many pastry dishes.


Oregano. It is one of the most used spices in Italian cuisine and is appropriate for chicken dishes, as well as being present in the composition of many sauces and successfully seasoning many bakery goods.

Cumin. There is hardly any meat that cannot be flavored with it. It is not only a great spice, it is perhaps one of the spices with the most healing properties.

Thyme. It is a universal herb that is used not only in cooking, but as an ingredient in many medical and cosmetic products. It is used as a seasoning for chicken, soups, sauces and salads.


Allspice. Used as a condiment in the preparation of most sausages, it is present in recipes for chicken and fish. It is one of the most used spices in Caribbean cuisine and is often added to sauces for grilled meat and in some pickled foods.

Basil. Suitable seasoning for chicken, and is also very beneficial against chronic gastritis and colitis.

Selection of spices, of course, depends on the individual taste of each person. It is an undeniable fact that the right combination can give a unique flavor to any dish.

For chicken, you can also use garlic, parsley, red and white pepper, savory, curry, ginger, nutmeg and many others.



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