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Spring Salads and Appetizers

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summer salad

The most popular products for spring salads are lettuce, spinach, green leafy vegetables that in the winter are not consummated. Green salad is the most favorite and can be prepared in various ways, generally includes well-known products.

With lettuce or radishes, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, olive oil, a little mustard, egg, salt and a few olives you can prepare a great salad.

Chop the lettuce and green onions, add chopped in advance eggs and radishes and olives. Then you need to tamper with lemon, salt, oil and mustard.

green salad

If you prefer, you can remove the olives and mustard and put two tablespoons of yogurt, two tomatoes and a little dill to the other products - this is a fresh salad with a different taste.

Salad with spinach and eggs

stuffed mushrooms

Ingredients 1 kg spinach, 4-5 eggs, mustard, salt, pepper, oil, parsley, lemon juice

Preparation: boil spinach and strain it well. Then mix all the spices to obtain dressing. Spray the spinach with the mixture and pour in a pan and add the eggs.

For an appetizer you can make meatballs from zucchini and vegetable dumplings. Good idea are small vegetarian stuffed vines where you can put all sorts of spices.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Ingredients: 15 large mushrooms, 1 biscuit, onion, oil, ham, pepper, salt

Preparation: wash mushrooms and remove the stalks. Chop them along with the onion and ham into small pieces and then fry. When braised, add crushed rusk and spices.

Fill the cups of the mushrooms with the mixture and bake them in an oven for about 20 minutes. If you love cheese, you can sprinkle just before serving them with a little Parmesan.

With this you can make stuffing. If you wish, you can add crushed boiled egg yolk or a little mayonnaise, why not strained yogurt with some sweet corn.