How to Cook Trout

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Grilled trout

To cook delicious fish, whatever it is, we require some mandatory components. You should always have lemons - this is something without which the fish can’t be seasoned well. It is best to use real lemons instead of bottled lemon juice.

The next mandatory component is spices - aromatic spices suit the majority of fish very well. It is imperative to put in black pepper, other spices are the chef's choice. The next and most important from the so far mentioned is desire and fantasy - whatever recipe you choose, it will not work out if you do not show some creativity.

If you have trout at hand and are wondering how to cook it, it is best to grill. The meat of this fish is very tender and does not require a long time to cook, and prepared this way, it will even turn out healthy. And when it comes to healthy eating, note that you can make delicious steamed trout. Then use steamed vegetables for garnish, or a light sauce.

Trout is most delicious when prepared in these two ways. But if you are a fan of baking in the oven or frying, you can prepare it that way as well. Spices ideal for trout are fresh ones - parsley, dill, thyme. Select two of the three, so it does not become bitter from so many flavors.


Trout with fresh herbs

Products Required : trout, parsley, dill, salt, garlic, black pepper, lemon, butter

Preparation : Put the fish in a piece of aluminum foil - smear butter under the trout and put two slices of lemon. The spices are finely chopped and placed in the fish, as well as on it, having sprinkled it with salt and pepper beforehand. Close the foil and put it on the grill to bake.

Because it is fragile, trout does not need much time to cook. If you want, you can put other vegetables in the fish - corn, carrots and even peas. Do not overdo it with lemon, in order not to lose the taste of the fish.

If you decide to put a few raisins and thyme in the belly of a trout instead of parsley and dill, that’s great. You get a special sweet taste, which when combined with lemon and the taste of the fish is extremely nice.



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