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Preparing Healthy Lasagna

healthy lasagne

Lasagna is made with a filling of minced meat and some vegetables, but anyone can have it as he sees fit. Can put cheese, various sausages, why not make it vegetarian - only with vegetables and spices. Lasagna pastry can be prepared at home, or you can buy it from the store. Natural homemade is better than bought, but take much time.

But while lasagna is really delicious and relatively easy to prepare, it is high calorie food. We could not eat it, especially if trying to eat healthy. Or is it possible? Everything is possible in the vast culinary world, the only thing you need is a little dose of imagination and a large amount of desire. Introducing a healthy lasagna recipe:

Vegetable lasagna without a crust

Products Required: 4 large eggplants, cheese, mushrooms, onions, tomato paste, corn, oregano, salt, olive oil

spinach lasagne

Preparation: The whole idea of this recipe is to replace the crust of the lasagna with eggplant. It is necessary to cut the eggplants in slices with a thickness of about 1 cm and sprinkle them with salt, then leave them to drain from bitterness. When you are finished with this procedure, a little eggplant is baked in a teflon pan without oil.

Place eggplant in an oiled baking dish. On it begin to put the crumbled cheese, chopped mushrooms, corn, grated cheese, and tomato paste, pre-seasoned with oregano. Then put a line of eggplants and once again filling and so on until you have finished the filling. Top with eggplant and optionally sprinkle with cheese. Bake in an oven at 356°F (180 °C) for about 30 minutes.

If you wish, you can prepare a healthy lasagna with a crust, but for stuffing add onion, carrot, spinach, sliced black olives and mince. Place the flavors as in usual lasagna. Although there is a crust involved, the lasagna will be healthier than classic because of the vegetables.



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