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How to Cook Topside Beef

Beef roast

Beef is very tasty if you manage to prepare it well. For some reason, it has left the impression that it's harder to cook than other meats. Actually, it's not. There's craftsmanship as in all things culinary, but that does not mean that cooking beef is tough.

For starters, you need to know what you want to prepare in order to buy the proper meat. That is, the correct part of the beef. If you have topside beef, you can make many different types of dishes. You cannot go wrong if you cook it as a stew - with a wide variety of vegetables. It becomes just as tasty as casseroles with chicken or pork.

Another option is to prepare topside beef soup and make beef stew. Cooking is easy, it is very tasty and you will surely use the recipe again. You can place small steaks in marinade and bake. There are many options. Let's look at two of the most delicious and interesting recipes:

Beef rolls

Ingredients: a piece of topside beef, bacon, pickles, paprika, cheese, soya sauce, white wine, black pepper; for garnish - mashed potatoes

Beef roll

Preparation: First you have to cut the veal into slices. Carefully tenderize the meat, place it in a container and shower it with soya sauce, wine, sprinkle it with black pepper. All the pieces stay in the marinade for 10 hours.

Then drain them and place a piece of bacon, a slice of pepper (best roasted), slices of pickles, a little cheese on each of the steaks. Roll up the steak and carefully tie it with thread until tight, but be careful not to cut the meat. Fry in a heated pan with oil.

Fry the rolls on all sides. Serve on a plate with mashed potatoes. If you wish, you may fry onion rings until browned and add them to the garnish.

Beef bites in cream

Ingredients: topside beef, white wine, black pepper, salt, allspice, onion, mushrooms, cream

Preparation: Cut the topside veal into bites and leave it in a marinade of wine, black pepper and 2 allspice berries for about 4 hours. After the appointed time has passed, sauté the meat in a pan and put it in a pot. Add sliced vegetables and put the cream on. Bake for 20-30 minutes in a moderate oven with the lid closed.



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