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Creative Ideas for Skewers

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veggie skewers

Skewers are an easy way to prepare dinner. You can add everything you want or have a home. They become delicious with vegetables, and if you put meat.

The most important part of preparing the skewers of meat is standing the marinade. Thus any meat that you cook, will be more tender, and will be extremely fragrant. It's good for meat to stand at least 2 hours in marinade, unless the recipe specifically stated otherwise.

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Good marinade for pork is with rosemary, black pepper, a few cloves of garlic, salt and white wine. All this is mixed together, garlic is pressed - put pork nuggets to rest for a few hours in all these aromas.

You may not use wine, but put a little soya sauce, thyme and honey. The meat will become very fragrant and sweet, almost imperceptible, but will be matched with onions and peppers, which subsequently can be cast on a kebab.

veggie skewers

When the time comes to strings kebabs, we can safely improvise. Many mushrooms are delicious on a kebab - and it looks as good as it is tasty, buy mushrooms with roughly the same size. Thus they are cast on the wooden stick.

If you have lamb at hand, cut it into cubes and roll well in a mixture of oregano, lemon juice, garlic, pepper, salt and a little olive oil. Laying of the kebab is - lamb, slice pepper, slice pineapple, lamb, etc. Roast them on the barbecue. It would take no more than ten minutes.

If you prefer pork, you can make a kebab with apricots. You should leave these to stand in a marinade of chili pepper, garlic and lemon juice.

When you start to stack apricot kebab, put half or quarter of a fruit. Arrange fruit and meat several times and bake in the grill pan or barbecue.

Vegetarian skewers use vegetables that are cooked after you soak in the pre-made dressing of dill, lemon juice, olive oil and salt. Arrange a kebab of zucchini, onion and mushroom. Finish and start skewering the kebab with garlic clove.

An idea for fruit kebabs - cut into slices some banana, kiwi, apples, pears, pineapple, or other fruit of your choice or according to season.

Thread them on skewers and serve them, finish with chocolate or other toppings, honey or cream. You'll get a both delicious and impressive dessert - a variety of fruit salad.