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Culinary Use of Rice Vinegar


There are several types of vinegar, we can divide them into cider, wine, balsamic, rice. Most frequently used are apple cider and balsamic vinegar. For rice vinegar, many folks do not know enough, and maybe that's why we do not use it.

Rice vinegar is used mainly in Japanese and Chinese cuisine as was popular in the early 3rd century. At that time, rice vinegar was not accessible to everyone - only the rich and wealthy could buy it.

In the 7th century, Japan began to put vinegar in tins of fish. They realized that the fish causes the rice to release lactic acid. This acid is actually a cause for fish to marinate. Even believe that this is the basis of many already known dishes and sushi.

vinegar and olive oil

Unfortunately this idea was not used much - it turns out that prepared in this way, the fish needs from 2 to 12 months to marinate. If we talk about production - it sounds impossibly long. In the 16th century, rice vinegar becomes really popular and much used.

In China, rice vinegar is divided into three types - white, red and black. A higher cholesterol may be seen in red, because it contains a mushroom (Monascus purpureus), which will help to remedy it.

Rice vinegar in Japan is of two kinds. In Chinese and Japanese cuisine vinegar, it is essential - along with the indispensable soya sauce. These are actually two spices that are always present on the table.

Most often rice vinegar used for the preparation of various types of dried food. It marinades fish or seafood. It is also very suitable for flavoring rice and salads - gives a different taste.

It is frequently used for the preparation of meals of fish or poultry, and sauces. Very suitable flavoring for salad with broccoli. Because of its constituents, rice vinegar enhances the immune system.


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