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What Does the Perfect Lunch Entail

Chicken breasts

Lunch should be healthy and nutritious, so the body can be filled with enough energy. Eating lunch is important for people who pay attention to their figure, and for those who want to be working.

It is very bad to eat lunch with chocolate, crisps or muffins to cheat hunger. The sandwich is also not recommended if you want lunch to be healthy.

Complete lunch can quickly restore power after the first half of a laborious day. The perfect lunch should consist of certain foods, in order to be a useful and at the same time energizing affair.

Indispensable part of a healthy lunch is soup. It improves the functioning of the stomach, reduces the risk of many diseases of the stomach and intestines.


It is good to eat fresh salad and combine meat or fish for lunch. Do not combine roasted meat with fried potatoes if you want to be able-bodied and energetic.

If one of the dishes at lunch contains some kind of fat, garnish it with a light salad of lettuce or fresh vegetables. As drinks for lunch are suitable mineral water and coffee.

Preferably lunch soup should be vegetable, but it may be also of meat or fish. The main dish can be followed, but not necessarily, by dessert.

Dessert is fresh fruit, compote, fruit jelly or small tartlets.

fish fillet

If soup is made with meat or fish, it is recommended that the main dish is vegetable. And vice versa - if the soup is a vegetable, the main dish is a food with fish or meat.

During the colder months, eat hot soups and in the summer and spring- cold soups.

If you eat lunch at home, prepare steaks of salmon or trout. Coat the fish fillets on both sides with lemon juice and sprinkle them with salt. Wash them with a little soya sauce and leave for half an hour. Bake in foil or steam these.

Steamed chicken breasts are a healthy main dish. Chicken breasts, cut into pieces, are marinated in sauce for half an hour. Add a little soya sauce, 2 tablespoons mustard, a little lemon juice.

Chicken is steamed and combined with steamed vegetables. You can stew vegetables while preparing chicken. Thus, the flavor of the chicken will make the vegetables more interesting to taste.



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