Drink Tea with Milk but no Sugar

honey Tea

Many connoisseurs of tea consider a real sacrilege mixing it with milk or even with cream, as is customary for centuries in England.

In terms of tea lovers, use with milk or as agreed in Mongolia, with oil, is pure waste of the hot drink.

In practice, there is no fundamental difference between the English and Mongolian way of tea. In both cases, in addition to the tea are involved dairy products in the preparation of a hot beverage. The third participant is sugar or honey.


But just this third participant, not even milk and butter, choke the aromatic bouquet of tea and alter the taste. Sugar spoils the taste of tea and changes its specifics, not milk.

Mixed with milk tea is a very nutritious and easily digestible by the human body drink that has stimulating to the immune system properties. Milk makes the tea more easily digestible by the body.

Vegetable fats present in tea when mixed with animal fat and protein in milk create very nutritious and good for people complex of substances. Moreover, this complex is rich in vitamins.

The milk reduces the effects of caffeine and other alkaloids which are contained mainly in black tea and the tea itself helps the stomach to take the milk easier. So tea helps milk and vice versa.

With milk, you can drink all kinds of tea. According to connoisseurs the most delicious milk tea varieties are green, mixed with black. It is good to mix tea with raw milk, warmed to 122°F (50-60 °C), not boiled milk.

Tea with milk is a good prophylactic. This drink is useful for diseases of the kidneys and the heart, and a proponent in the depletion of the central nervous system.

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