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Do Not Kill the Kid's Desire for Cooking

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How often do you get frustrated when your child, in their attempt to aid in your cooking, only hinders you? You then regret your harsh words, but your child becomes angry and cannot understand why it's being yelled at.

To have peaceful relations with the kid and encourage his desire to be your assistant chef, give him or her a special apron. This in itself makes little chefs feel significant.

Then, depending on their age, assign simple tasks and see just how happy they will become. Suffice to ask your child to pass you the salt or count the carrots for your favorite Russian salad.


If you have enough patience, you can even make a simple dessert together with your child. For example, make the dessert "apples in dough." You can prepare the dough yourself.

To do this, you will need 4/5 cup (200 ml) of liquid cream, 1 cup (250 g) cream butter, half a teaspoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of vinegar, three cups of flour. While still cold, grate the butter on the coarse side of the grater.

Add the flour and knead with hands to form equal sized crumbs. Add the cream and quick vinegar baking soda. The dough is kneaded well and divided into 32 balls. Meanwhile, the kid has arranged 8 apples on the table.

If they are old enough, you can even ask them to wash the apples. Their sizes should be medium or even small. The apples are cut into halves and the seeds removed. Put one ball on the dusted with flour mass.

apples in dough

Your child will help flatten the dough. Use his hand to form a circle. On this circle, place half an apple with the flat part facing up. Top with another circle, again made with the aid of the child's hand.

Line the pan with baking paper, sprinkle the round side of the apples with sugar and place them so that they lie flat on their side in the tray. Bake in a medium oven until golden.

If you don't feel like kneading the dough, you can do the same with puff pastry dough, store-bought. You just have to wait for it to thaw completely so that it becomes elastic. Your little helper can cover the apples with it himself.



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