Homemade Smoked Meat

smoked meat

Smoked meat retains its properties and improves the taste qualities, and is great for storage.

The procedure is done by smoking on hot smoke. Before smoking, meat must be well prepared, as the smoke can not guarantee full storage. This is very important for smoked meat.

Typically the meat is first salted, then dried and then smoked, on a hook or in gauze. Cut the meat into three inch pieces, salt well, sprinkle with seasoning to taste and dry for two days.

If you want a large piece of smoked meat, rub it with a mixture of salt and spices to which you add a pinch of sugar. Thus prepared, the meat is left to dry for about 6 days in a gauze bag, then put into a suitable container, cover with a piece of wood and hold it down with a weight.

smoked meats

Pour a solution of water and salt - per liter of water, you need two tablespoons of salt. After 2 days, it is removed from the solution and smoked.

To smoke meat, it is best to use the fire. Once the fire is converted into embers, use the smoke coming out of it. Over the embers, hook a meat hook, and if it is cut - in a bag of gauze.

In order to make a thick smoke, the kindling may be soaked for two minutes in water, before being used for the fire.

When smoking pieces of ash can stick to the meat. To avoid this, each piece of meat is coated with a thick piece of moistened paper.

Pork is smoked for about five hours. The best way is to gammon about 40 minutes, then leave the meat to rest five minutes and repeat the process again for 40 minutes.

Can smoke meat un an oven, but you have to turn it 60 degrees and smoke the meat, place on grill to smoke it evenly on all sides. It is best to leave the meat in the oven no less than ten hours. If the meat is pre-cooked, smoking will be much easier.



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