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Pressure Cooker – Quick Helper in the Kitchen

pressure cooker

Cooking in a pressure cooker is much easier and most importantly faster than other dishes. Furthermore, saves energy and products that you have decided to prepare, does not change the taste qualities and even becomes delicious. True helper is the pressure cooker for those of you who do not have much time to spend in the kitchen.

Cooking in a pressure cooker is not so complicated, nor is it something new. Modern pressure cookers can reduce the time for preparation of the product of 30 to 60%. What would be the percentage depends on its size, but also on the origin if you happened to cook beans for hours, then note that in the pressure cooker, a similar problem can not appear. Depends on the variety of beans, but on average, in 1 hour and 15 minutes, it will be cooked and ready to roux.

The meat is also made very easy and fast, no matter what it is. It's tender and juicy, and you will have saved enough time to prepare garnishes. To be able to prepare some treats in the pressure cooker, you should know what the technology of cooking is. Most of these devices are sold with instructions for use, but there are some general rules that we can mention.

1. When you cook with that type of pan, fill more than 2/3 of its volume. Will be difficult to determine the amount because all the pots are an indication how far the most you can fill it.


2. You know that is ready when the propeller starts steaming. This means that the liquid is boiled. At this point in cooking you should turn down the heat - for electric cooker- grade 1 or 2, and for gas - at least stop it from burning.

3. When you open the pressure cooker, do not try to press or apply extreme force. There is an easy way to open the cover, which is described in the user manual.

4. The probability for products to burn in the pressure cooker is minimal, since the liquid does not evaporate, as usual in cooking.

5. The cover must be sealed tightly to give a successful seal. And most importantly - never cook with a pressure cooker without filling it with water!


It can cook everything you do on the stove - stews, vegetarian dishes, soups and more. Soup processing time including the preparation of the product is about 30 minutes. Depends on what soup you decide to cook. Everything is tender and cooked well enough.

It can save time if you make a breakfast of cooked macaroni, using this method. Your time is at least two times less than in a conventional cooker. Everyone's favorite boiled corn here is boiled in at most 20 minutes, put the bottom rack, which each pressure cooker has and add water to the center of the product. Boiled potatoes you can make in about 5-10 minutes. There are different recipes - for every day or for guests.

Here's an idea for a delicious, quick and easy preparation for unexpected guests:

You need meat - chicken, pork, beef - cut into bite sized pieces. Mushrooms, sliced, and even easier if they are from the jar. Onions - 1 head sliced at large. Carrot - in wheels. Mushroom soup from the store. Glass of white wine, spices to taste, oil and water. Steam or fry the meat and vegetables, add spices, wine and water. Finally, pour soup in, mix well, close the pressure cooker and 30 minutes after turning the valve, the dish is ready.

If you like homemade preserves that require sterilization - compotes, homemade chutney and more., and naturally in small jars, you can make them in a pressure cooker.



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