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How to Make Sourdough Bread

Sourdough loaf

To make a leaven of bread, you must follow some specific rules. First note the dish in which it will "grow". Most appropriate is a standard compote jar with a pierced metal cap. Then flour - it is appropriate to start with rye or wholemeal. After some time (about a week), however, it is better to switch to white flour, because of the low probability of it sleeping undesirable microorganisms.

When taking the first steps, you do not have to waste the lot of material – enough are three tablespoons flour and almost as much water. When the yeast rises, it (at least) doubles in size. For this purpose, you should not put a lot of material, as in a few days the amount of yeast will be huge.

You do not think constantly about exact amounts and proportions, proceed as follows: scoop half of sourdough leavening and again add 3 tablespoons of flour with a little water. Some people prefer the ratio 5 tablespoons / cup etc.

In the preparation of yeast, you must keep in mind that when you prepare a new dose, throw half the quantity of old away. If you do not, you will tire the leaven of hunger because it grows.

The key to preparation of the product is the density. If too thin, process goes so fast that you will fail to notice them - to rise, over ripens and dies without notifying you. Therefore, make a thick sourdough. The temperature should be between 20-25 degrees. If it gets colder, the yeast will not die, but his vital processes will slow down.

Sourdough bread

Leaven must eat - at least twice a day. Sometimes, especially if it is warm, it can rise very quickly and need to be fed more often. However, if it is thick enough, it can eat only twice during the whole period of rising.

Products Required: 2 slices sourdough bread, 6-8 tablespoons wholemeal flour, 100-150 ml. Water

Method of preparation: In the jar are broken up slices sourdough bread. Put the flour, water, stir and cover with a loose cloth or perforated cap. The density should be the same as dough for cakes.

Leaven is fed every day (maybe twice) and stirred regularly with a non-metallic device. Not necessary that the bread dissolves completely, especially if crust.

Leaven is ready in 3-4 days. This way, you do not have to spend the next kneading yeast - your bread will serve as home for the next "Harvest" of leaven.

And if you do not get it the first time - keep trying as food cooked with homemade sourdough, is far tastier and healthier than those bought in a store.



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