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Time for the Cooking of Different Types of Rice

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Different types of rice are cooked for different times and it is good to know when cooking certain types of rice, how long to get them ready to not become a sticky mass.

White rice contains a lot of starch. The grains are white and translucent, smooth, but some are opaque because of air bubbles.

White rice is boiled for about fifteen minutes. If you want the grains to not stick together, pre-wash white rice to remove the starch.

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Steamed rice is translucent, the grains are yellowish. Milled rice retains many of its vitamins and minerals. When boiled, milled rice becomes white. Steamed rice is ready in about twenty minutes. Grains do not stick together.

Rough brown rice is in the husk, so the grains are light brown in color. It is much more useful than white rice because most of the nutrients are contained in the shell of the grain.


Brown rice has a taste that resembles a walnut, and boils for about 25 minutes. Cooked brown rice is not as soft as cooked white rice.

Arborio rice is very soft and therefore easily boiled - in about ten minutes. Recommended when it is almost cooked, to remove from the heat - it will be ready and allow it to stay in a warm pot and the grains will keep their shape. This rice is perfect for preparing risotto and soups.

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The so-called dessert rice has short grains that become sticky when cooked. It is perfect for making desserts with milk. Boil for about 20 minutes.

Wild rice is of two kinds - with a thick grain and fine grain. Thick grains are very hard, soaked for 4 hours in water, and then boiled for 40 to 60 minutes.

Thin grain rice is not soaked and boiled for about 20-30 minutes. Such rice is used for the preparation of rice mixture by mixing with a milled. Wild rice is good for the salads, soups, appetizers and even desserts. It is delicious as a garnish for fish and meat.