Italian Ham - What Makes it Unique


The most famous Italian ham is called prosciutto. Since the Middle Ages, with large pieces of ham were made donations to the bishops.

Pigs are fattened for the preparation of the famous Italian ham fed whey from Parmesan. One of the most popular worldwide varieties of ham is Parma ham.

According to experts, the incredible taste of Parma ham has many of the characteristics of local air and climate, as well as the special technology of making ham from Parma.

Parma ham occurred centuries ago and today is produced in the village Langirano, which is located a few kilometers from Parma.

For the production of this ham are used only three porcine species. They should be grown in certain Italian regions that are suitable for the creation of Parma ham. Animals should be aged at least a year and weigh less than 150 pounds.

Thanks to whey from Parmesan, which enriches the diet of these animals, their meat becomes slightly sweet and very soft.


This ham is made from hams, which are held in barrels filled with salt. After a period of time, they are moved to storage, and then matured for a long period, periodically exposed to the wind. This period lasts between 14 months and 2 years.

Young prosciutto has a very soft and delicate taste, melts in your mouth. Ham, which is matured for 18 months, has a higher density, but also a delicate taste.

After maturation of prosciutto, quality assurance specialists pierce it with a needle by pushing the bone that takes flavors. The flavor of the ham determines the degree of ripening and its quality, which is defined as perfect, gets a stamp as a ducal crown.

Parma ham is sold boneless or with a bone. After having cut off a piece of ham, it is coated with oil to prevent drying.

Italian ham from San Daniele has a slightly salty taste, but is also very refined and a favorite of many people around the world. It differs from Parma ham with the fact that it is salted longer. This ham is produced in San Daniele. Pigs used for this live in the wild and eat mostly acorns.

A classical combination is considered prosciutto with pear, pineapple, figs or melon chunks.

Bresaola is a smoked ham from veal. It is produced in Lombardy. The meat is salted and then allowed to dry. It comes with an exquisite aroma and a pleasant salty taste.

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